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Our legal team at Yosef Roee Attias Law is managed by Yosef Attias a highly experienced attorney, specializing in criminal law. The firm has offices located in both Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.

Our team assists clients through all stages of the legal process including consultations before investigation, arrest procedure, management of proof cases, supreme court appeals, extradition and more.

We can assist clients that have no prior criminal records as well as clients often regarded as main police targets. Our team is also certified to practice law at military courts and to mediate legal processes.

Our expertise includes cyber offenses, Tax offenses, money laundering, violence, sexual offenses, drugs offenses, organized crime and more.

We provide 24 hours answering service 6 days a week (except for Saturday).

We speak both Hebrew and English fluently.

For immediate consultation call us now at: 052-504-4000

(For International phone call: +972-52-504-4000)

About Yosef Roee Attias, criminal lawyer

Roee Attias is a highly experienced criminal lawyer, specializing in criminal law. The firm has a wide range of clients, including number of well-known top police targets (crime organization) in Israel aside to well-known public representatives and esteemed businessmen, facing white-collar prosecution as well as clients that have no prior criminal records.

Attias professional career began at the ministry of justice, at the Tel-Aviv criminal prosecutor's office (D.A). He then proceeded to work as a defender in the private sector, as a member of Moshe Sherman and David Yftach’s top law criminal firm in Tel aviv. During his years In sherman’s – Iftach Law office, Attias worked on numerous cases and gained valuable experience in the field of case management and negotiations on some of the highest profile cases in Israel.

At 2011 Attias decided to start his own firm.

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